Welcome Players!

Welcome official ReventiumMC players, we are here to welcome you to a whole load of fun, and adventure on our sserver, we have some custom plugins, and custom builds, as we run Skyblock, and Creative. We welcome you to the official ReventiumMC donation store.


Item Purchases

As many of you know, we sell stuff here for our server well some of those items include Ranks, Rank Upgrades, and even In-Game stuff, as in Custom Nicknames, and Commands, as we will have every item on each package as we will sell everything that we include on our store. Make sure you buy the right item you want to buy, because we don't do refunds.


Terms and Conditions

Alrighty as you know we run ReventiumMC it's conpyrighted due to buycrafts authority, please make sure to read the T&C page before you purchase an item don't just accept it, and move on make sure to READ the T&C as it has everything you need to know about how to purchase items, to item info


NOTE : It takes up to 15 minutes for your items to reach you in game so please don't bug and admin, or owner about not having your items before 15 minutes, if you don't recieve your items please contact an admin, or owner to fix this MUST HAVE PROOF OF PURCHASE


Contact : flatoutbusiness@gmail.com